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August 10, 2011

Writing and the Rain

Rain is thoughtful. Snow is peaceful – but rain is pensive and reflective. Snow wants a latte, and rain wants chicken soup.

It was understandably difficult to go to work today. Rain, after a ridiculously scorching summer, is distracting. It’s draws me inward and upward…reflecting and soaring. I’d rather spend the day barefoot and walking down the middle of deserted city streets; or sitting at the cafe across from the train station at 8am watching the commuter troops, armed with umbrellas and briefcases, pour off the arriving trains. People look proper while carrying umbrellas, and it’s more difficult to rush about on wet sidewalks. It will be okay if they are a little late, after all – it’s raining.

Cities look very different too – It’s nearly impossible to take a bad photograph – even the blurry ones with streaking lights are interesting.


It would have been such a dream to stay home and write. Darn those responsibilities. Some day – it will be one and the same.

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July 30, 2011


I began blogging before the word “blog” existed. Thanks “peterme” for helping us find a name for this phenomena. According to Wikipedia, there are now 156 million public blogs. I figured it was about time I get myself one of these newfangled thangs. I hear that Official Writers need them to thrive. Not that writing is particularly about thriving. It’s about writing, after all. Nevertheless, happygotlucky is born today, July 30, 2011. I haven’t a clue what it’s going to be about, but rather prefer it take a life of it’s own- much like a story in the mind of a writer, or a brush in the hand of a painter.

Follow along and see!