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August 27, 2011


Experimenting with the ProCreate iPad app


August 25, 2011

Main St Liquor

Makes me think “Saint” instead of street. The name would be more interesing that way.

Main Saint Liquor

On the road:
Nettleton, MS

August 24, 2011

anticipating autumn

That subtle change in the morning light…


August 23, 2011

iPad Apps for Travel

I’m gearing up for a trip to the deep south this weekend. It will be my first trip with my beloved iPad, so of course I must load it up with road [air] warrior goodies. There are tons of apps specifically designed for travel (what isn’t there an app for?) but most of them, such as the packing helper apps and trip planner apps are all a bit too organized for me. I’m a light packer and like to roam with the wind! PLANNING a vacation (transportation aside) takes the vacation part out of it!

Here’s what I’ve added so far:

Kayak – This is a no brainer. If you master Kayak, you’ve mastered the skies. I could write a book on advanced use of the site from using it for business travel bookings over the years. The app is handy. Even if you’ve already booked your flights it’s good to have access to Kayak’s extensive flight listings in case you get stuck in Timbuktu.

IntellicastHD – just plain cool. This is by far the coolest weather app for the iPad. If only the weather in Mississippi would follow suit.

FlightTrack – “Live Flight Status Tracking” – for obvious reasons.

AroundMe – this app will tell you the nearest fill in the blank to where you are. If you are somewhere you’ve never been before, having this at your fingertips is priceless. This one is great for the non-planners out there. It suits my favorite line: “We’ll figure it out when we get there.”

Instapaper – save all those interesting articles and blogs that you never have time to read at your desk for airplane reading. Instapaper saves everything for offline reading – so it works even in airplane mode.

Kindle or iBooks – dare I mention them both on the same line? The very words on this page might start fighting. It just comes down to preference. I have them both. I have books previously purchase on via the Kindle app for iPhone but I like the look and feel of iBooks better.

ProCreate – some really cool things can be created with this app. It could come in handy for some creative brainstorming or mindless, stress-reducing doodling along the way.

I’m sure I’ll find more between now and departure time – I’ll be sure to come back and add them to this list.

If you have any to share, please do!

August 22, 2011

snapshots from around town

This place has such character – too bad it is being abused.


If you look closely – you can see that Autumn is sneaking in.

August 22, 2011

You have a good day ma’am.

A wise lookin’, Bible readin’ man occupied the only semi-available table at the library this afternoon. I asked if i could sit there. He nodded.

As he got up to leave, he tipped his hat and said “You have a good day, ma’am”.

I will, thanks.

There aren’t enough people like him in the world.

August 21, 2011

It’s all behind her now…


Rainy days are my favorite.



August 21, 2011

Buying a Sewing Machine

I’m getting a new sewing machine. There are two in the basement, but I can’t get either of the darn things to work. I just hold on to them in case it’s me and not the machines. My mother is a sewing genius. If she ever makes it up to visit I’m sure she can fix them. Unfortunately that’s longer than I want to wait, so I’ve narrowed it down to two choices. The Singer 3323S or the Brother CP6500.

The biggest difference between the two is that the Singer is mechanical, and the Brother is computerized. I haven’t sewn anything since I was 12. I had no idea these things had come so far. Both have automatic needle threading and button holes – but the Brother has more stitch options (will I even need them?). Anything computerized has more opportunity to break, right? So many things to consider! I decided to make a list to help me decide.

Side by side comparison:

Singer 3323s Brother CP6500
Built in stitches 23 60
Automatic button hole styles 1 17
Top drop bobbin yes yes
Auto-bobbin winding no yes
Auto-thread yes yes
Feet included 8 7
Multiple stitch functions no yes
Drop feed (free motion quilting) no yes
Heirloom stitches no yes
Electronic sewing speed control no yes
Sew without foot control no yes
Warranty unable to locate info 25yr limited unable to locate 25 yrs
Avg. Review on 4.5 stars 5 stars
“Good for beginners” reputation yes yes
JoAnn Fabrics price $229.00 $299.00
Price on $170.11 $135.00

Well – I guess that settles it. I’m will try out the Brother CP 6500. I will let you know if I have any buyer’s remorse! I’m off to order it now.

Brother CP-6500 Computerized Sewing Machine

Singer Talent Sewing Machine, 3323S

When I go visit my mother next week I’m going to raid her attic and old sewing room for goodies that she no longer uses!  This is going to be fun.

August 18, 2011

Half Full


August 18, 2011


I always dread going to the salon. Tuesday was no different. It had been about eight months since I had gone and my hair had gotten quite wild. Actually, I prefer it that way – rippling waves, disshelved locks.  Much like when Jewel said, “I long for a man with nests of wild things in his hair.”

I’m lucky enough to be able to get away with it.  There is a steady undercurrent of natural and wild in my genome – mixed in there with drum beats, bare feet, and the cotton fields of the South.  No doubt, my distaste for the faux comes from the same place.

I treat going to the salon as a chore – just get it done and move on. Easier said than done.

My appointment was at 5. I dutifully arrived fifteen minutes early – knowing very well I would be sitting for an hour.  I did. It was 6 before I finally stepped up to the chopping block. But sitting there taking in the salon culture raised many questions.  Why do good stylists have bad hair? What is it about a barber chair that gets folks talking more than a truth serum? Why do so many people want what they don’t have? feel like they need to make an image statement as if being who they are on the inside weren’t enough? Everyone. Must. Know. Who. I. Have. Decided. To Be.

Three hours later I emerged looking like I belong in an 80s hair band. Yes, your amazing new volumizing shampoo, conditioner, daily leave in treatment, mousse, shine serum, and hairspray has turned my gentle waves into cruchy spaghetti with height to rival Dolly Pardon’s wig. No, I will not take them all home. People do it though.

The thought of using six products to achieve a hair style… yeah, no thanks. Maybe they do that so you can’t really see the haircut they just gave you – in case you don’t like it.

I do like it though – three shampoos later.  I’ll be good for another eight months.